In addition to its wide range of products, Lightworks offers its clients services complimentary to its field of operation. These services are targeted to assist clients in selecting the products that are most suitable for their application requirements, and provide a comprehensive service to the clients, through offering services of installation, maintenance, design, and feasibility assessment in addition to supply of spare parts.
Lighting Design
Lightworks® offers its clients lighting design services for company supplied products. This service is meant to optimize the clients’ utilization of company products so that they are able to get the best out of their product. Lighting design focuses on selection of most suitable lighting fixtures, location and placement of these fixtures in a manner that provides highest efficiency, utilization and performance while satisfying client lighting requirements.
Lighting Audit

We are often faced with situations where existing lighting systems are outdated and must be made more efficient.  The challenge is trying to maintain, if not attempt to exceed, the quality of the lighting output in these existing spaces while at the same time complying with stringent energy codes. 

A lighting audit helps determine the condition of the existing lighting system and the architectural finishes of the area in question and asses the interaction between the lighting output and the occupants. Furthermore, an audit provides benchmarks for determining how effective the lighting improvements will be during and after the completion of the design process. 

In essence, an audit is a process that investigates where cost-effective changes can be made. 

Site visit
  • Note the age, condition, and quantity of the existing light fixtures.
  • Document the type of lights and ballast used, wattage of the lamps and model numbers.
  • Establish photometrics by recording the model numbers of the fixtures.
  • Document the condition of the fixtures: lenses, painted surfaces, deterioration.
  • Assess the condition of the surrounding environment so as to specify the appropriate replacement fixture that will minimize future maintenance costs.
  • Maintenance and utility bills from the past 12 months
  • Check all work surfaces with a light meter so as to establish existing lighting levels and distribution. Note the coloration and reflectance of the walls, floors, and ceiling in the space.

LEDs are designed to readily replace most types of existing lighting however there are some considerations to take into account. If the light source being replaced runs on 12V DC it will be supplied with a transformer, however there are some LED replacements that claim compatibility with the existing control equipment.  A trial test should always be carried out. 
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