2W LED non maintained downlight.
3 hour emergency operation.
120° beam angle.
includes manual test button and LED indicator.
Adjustable trim enables compatibility with cut-out diameters of 72mm and 110mm.
30,000 hours average lifetime.
2 Year warranty.
Maintained emergency exit sign illuminated by 11 LEDs.
3 hour NiCd battery back up.
LEDs enclosed on linear PCB.
Supported by adjustable cables.
Max viewing distance up to 48m.
30,000 hour average lamp life.
Surface mounted.
Comes with 6 legends set.
3 Year warranty.

LED Downlight
1x3W non-maintained LED downlight.
3W LED with high lumen output.
20° adjustable head.
3 hour emergency operation.
single spring retention clips for easy installation.
small compact fitting.
Comes with 3 cell NiMH battery and green charging LED indicator.
2 Year warranty.
4.5W LED replacement for 8W maintained luminaire.
Complete with opal diffuser.
White bezel rim as standard. Chrome bezel accessory also included.
3 hour emergency use for maintained or non maintained operation.
Includes large terminals for loop in loop out connection.
IP20 - for indoor use.
2 Year warranty.
Exit Box
Comes with running man legend with arrow facing down. (Other options available).
3 hour emergency operation.
Complies with EN 60598-2-22.
Only 3W in maintained mode.
Can be wired as maintained and non-maintained.
No lamp replacements, reduced maintenance costs.
30,000 hour average lamp life.
2 Years warranty.
5W LED twin spot.
IP20 with fully polycarbonate housing.
Non-maintained .
4.5Ah NiCd battery providing over 3 hour discharge duration.
20mm conduit entries in side and back key hole mounting slots.
Comes with LED status indicator.
2 Year warranty.

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