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Environmental Lights Trading Co. LLC  (Lightworks®) is a company that specializes in the supply and application of LED lighting solutions over the past 8 years. Founded in Jordan in 2008, Lightworks® began with the vision to provide alternative energy solutions and green technology applications for residential, commercial, and industrial needs thru the introduction of LED based lighting into the Jordanian market. 
To keep up with the expanding business and to cater to newer markets in the GCC, the decision was made to move Lightworks® to Dubai in 2011 so as to service our clients more rapidly and efficiently. 

In order to offer our clients quality and reliable products, Lightworks® has partnered with two LED manufactures and is the sole manufacturing representative of two main brands: Luman Lighting Ltd. based out of Hong Kong and PSL Fiberli from Turkey. 

Lightworks® has been the exclusive agent for Luman® in the Middle East region for the past 4 years as well as their logistical partner for their regional operations in the Middle East and Africa based out of Jebel Ali. Lightworks® has sold over $3,000,000 of their products in five countries. Luman® is a rapidly growing company with 26 agents worldwide and is situating itself as a competitive leader in LED fixtures and Light sources. 

PSL Fiberli has been a leading developer and manufacturer of indoor, outdoor, underwater, and specialized RGB-DMX controllable lighting for the past 15 years, and remains the only optoelectronics manufacturer in the region.  Fiberli’s solid legacy in the industry is reflected in their 2,500 plus projects worldwide covering hotels, malls, resorts, and towers.  With approximately 15 years of direct experience, Fiberli® is unmatched in the LED industry. 

Lightworks® aspires to be part of the solution towards the global energy problems and play an active role in working towards a healthy green environment. 

Our extensive reference list as well as our experience in the industry enables us to offer our clients LED products with total confidence and assurance. Lightworks® only selects and offers products which provide the same or improved level of performance and output as the lighting products selected for replacement.

Our Team

As a leader in the industry, our work does not only extend to the marketing and sale of LED lighting products, but also to the development and improvement of environmentally friendly technology thru the cooperation with various private and governmental institutions.

Helping with technical expertise and consulting with agencies interested in converting to LED and solar technology has expanded the understanding of our governing concerns and helped open the market for other environmentally-friendly technologies. Our design team consists of leading professionals certified in optics, laser, solid-state lighting and thermal management, which in turn results in a strong team and reliable product development.
Our Vision & Mission
Our Vision

Provide tomorrows LED technology and know-how today to aid our customers in implementing cost-effective and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions while contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

Our Mission

Leading the way into a BRIGHTER future.
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